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  • Yaniv Levyatan PhD

    Dr. Levyatan's energetic lectures are an unforgettable experience. As one of the pioneers in the field Internet marketing (graduated with honors and doctoral studies at the University of Haifa), Dr. Levyatan's is lecturing on a regularly basis to the leading companies in Israel and around the world. His lectures are a combination of knowledge, inspiration and an extraordinary experience. Immediately after the lecture you will be able to apply the The simple and clear principles presented to you.

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    Dr. Levyatan's lectures are exposing strategic elements from the convergence of digital data and business

    As an outstanding lecturer at the Technion and the University of Haifa and as an experienced consultant in the business sector, Dr. Levyatan is mixing  Academy  and Business approach with great success. His lectures focus on applied topics to be performed immediately upon completion of the lecture. Over the years, Dr. Levyatan has lectured at corporate events and conferences major in the economy such as: Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Check Point, Comverse, Amdakos, Cellcom, Orange, Pelephone, Shufersal, Bynet, Electra, IAI, Bank Leumi, Discount Bank, Mizrahi Bank Tefahot, International Bank, Clal, Harel, Migdal, Phoenix and more…

    The lectures are always tailored to the needs of the client and in accordance with the characteristics of the target audience. Due to its connection to the practical world, the lectures are based on case analysis From the field. And presenting many lessons and insights from his  experience. Delivered in clear language with a special emphasis on humor and inspiration.

    Yaniv Levyatan PhD

    His specialization is in assisting businesses for efficiency and growth. Digital marketing requires dealing with many different role holders, while investing significant resources. As an objective consultant, Dr. Levyatan assists companies act correctly with the various service providers (website builders, website promotion, campaign managers on social networks and more) and in the face of marketing challenges.

    In 2013, Dr. Levyatan published his book "Click Here! Secrets of Business Impact Online", published by Am Oved. In this book Dr. Levyatan clearly reveals the right ways to manage business activity in the digital media environment, with an emphasis on the social networking arena

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